Robin Holcomb

He first me Robin while they were both students at U.C. Santa Cruz.  One of his earliest performances in New York was with Robin’s “A.K.A. Orchestra Music”. In subsequent years, he worked on performances and recordings including “Larks They Crazy” (Sound Aspects SAS026). He worked on her three records of songs for Nonesuch Records, whose… Read more

Yuka C. Honda

He first me Yuka on a recording session with Cibo Matto for a compilation. He appears extensively on her Tzadik album “Heart Chamber Phantoms” and has performed as a guest with Cibo Matto (Yuka and Miho Hatori)  as well as contributing his saxophone work for their album “Hotel Valentine


He first me Anohni as he was recommended to work on a horn arrangement for the song “Fistful of Love” from the Antony and the Johnsons album “I Am a Bird Now”. After playing in the recording of that song, he was asked to join Antony and the Johnsons, with whom he played, toured and… Read more

Butch Morris

 Wieselman was fortunate to work extensively with the visionary Butch Morris, who created “Conduction” – a specific vocabulary for conducting ensembles of improvisers.He played in various conductions as well as the ensembles “Skyscraper”, “Lucky Cheng Orchestra” and most notably as guitarist for the “Nublu Orchestra” which played regularly in New York City as well as… Read more

Evan Lurie

He first me Evan while he was in the Lounge Lizards.  Evan asked him to play in the house band for Evan’s music for the children cartoon show “Oswald”, where he also helped with some arranging.  When Evan was asked to compose music for an upcoming children’s cartoon show, “The Backyradigans, he asked Doug to… Read more

John Lurie

He first met John Lurie playing clarinet on a session for a one of Lurie’s soundtracks. He was soon asked to audition on guitar for The Lounge Lizards – and ended up playing and touring with the band for the next three years. Towards the end of the band’s run, he became transcriber and arranger… Read more

The Flying Karamazov Brothers

He first met the two founding members, Paul Magid and Howard Patterson at Cowell College at U.C. Santa Cruz.  They asked him to contribute music to some of their early performances while still in college.  He re-connected with them a couple of years later when they asked him to come up to the Oregon Country… Read more

Bill Frisell

He first met Frisell in one configuration of Wayne Horvitz’s band “The President”.  Soon after he played baritone sax on Frisell’s album “Before You Were Born”. Around the same time, they recorded as a duo, playing Robin Holcomb’s music on the album Todos Santos  (Sound Aspects – SAS019).  Other projects have involved producer Hal Willner… Read more

Hal Willner

He first met Hal when they were both at the 1991 Winnipeg Folk Festival, Doug as performer with Robin Holcomb, Hal as an invited guest.  The first recording session with the visionary producer was working on Hal’s second Kurt Weill project “September Songs” in ’94. This was with Anthony Coleman’s Selfhaters Orchestra – accompanying William… Read more