Gina Leishman

Singer/Songwriters D.W. – Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Guitar Wieselman has contributed to Leishman’s songs and compositions, performing with various ensembles and appearing on her albums, “Bed Time” and the more composition oriented “Bassless Rumors”

Lou Reed

Singer/Songwriters D.W. – Baritone and Tenor Saxophone Wieselman first work with Lou Reed was playing in the horn section for Steven Bernstien’s arrangements for the album, “Ecstasy”. On that session he did the Bari solo at the end of the song, “Mad”. Since then he has performed with Lou on various special shows, including the… Read more


Singer/Songwriters D.W. – Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Arrangements Wieselman has worked with Joan Wasser (a.k.a. – Joan-As-Policewoman) over the course of 4 albums , doing arrangements as well as playing on “Real Life”, “To Survive”, “The Deep Field” and the soon to be released, “The Classic”. He has occasionally performed as a guest… Read more

Ambrosia Parsely

Singer/Songwriters D.W. – Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Guitars Wieselman first encountered Ambrosia on a Hal Willner tribute concert to Neil Young.He has since performed and recorded with both with her and her band “Shiveree”. He contributed an arrangement of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”for the album “Tainted Love: Mating Calls and Fight Songs”

Jolie Holland

Singer/Songwriters D.W. – Electric guitar, Electric bass, Bass Clarinet Wieselman has been working with Jolie Holland fairly recently – contributing extensively on her soon to be released album on Anti – “The Wine Dark Sea”. He has started to perform more with her as part of her band.

Victoria Williams

Singer/Songwriters D.W. – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Flute Wieselman met Victoria Williams in the ‘80’s through his longtime friend – drummer Danny Frankel. He started playing with her in her various living rooms, to various stages including a national tour opening for Lou Reed. He appears on the albums “Loose” and more extensively… Read more

Robin Holcomb

Singer/Songwriters D.W. – Guitars, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone Wieselman’s work with Robin Holcomb goes back many years. He appeared on her first three song albums and has performed and toured with her. He has also worked with her on numerous theatrical pieces/song cycles as well as the instrumental album “Larks, They Crazy”

Martha Wainwright

Singer/Songwriters D.W. – Guitars, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone Doug started to play with Martha Wainwright on her first self-titled EP from the mid ‘90’s.  Since then he was music director for her Piaf project which toured internationally and was recorded with Hal Willner producing.  He appeared on her last 2 studio albums – “I Know You’re… Read more