Wayne Horvitz

He first met Wayne at UC Santa Cruz.  After witnessing a concert of Wayne’s, he decided to abandon his plans of going to graduate school – thinking “I want to do that”.  They soon met, and he was asked to play in Wayne’s upcoming concert of the music of Duke Ellington and Thelonius Monk.   Some years later, Wayne having already made the move to New York City, introduced him to the burgeoning “Downtown Scene” of the early ’80’s. He eventually started to play in Horvitz’s band “The President”, recording 3 albums as well as touring.  Horvitz also brought him in to play and compose for The New York Composer’s Orchestra – recording two CD’s. He collaborated on the track “Extra Extra” on Horvitz’s record “Dinner at Eight”.  He has worked on Horvitz’s theater and soundtrack projects, including the score to Charlie Chaplin’s “The Circus”, release on Tzadik records – and continues to occasionally perform with him in various ensembles.