Laurie Anderson-

 – He first worked with her musical consultant in pre-production for her theatre piece – “Moby-Dick” in 1998.  He only worked on the beginning stages of this and left the project after a few months.  He later toured with her, as a substitute musician for both her “Homeland”and “Delusion” shows.  As well, around the time of Delusion, he was asked to participate and eventually be musical director for the “Slow Music Night” at the 2010 Vivid LIVE festival at the Sydney Opera House.  He played a series of shows with her in 2013 including a performance which involved a live feed with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. He continued, and continues, to do various selective projects with her.

Thomas Bartlett –

 – He has been working with this pianist / producer (a.k.a. Doveman) since the early 2000’s. He played as part of the Doveman ensemble for several shows and later was a regular member of the house band for Bartlett’s “Burgundy Stain Sessions” at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge which featured a variety of artists. He toured and recorded with him as part of Antony and the Johnsons. As well, he performed and toured with him in Martha Wainwright’s Piaf project. In more recent years, he as performed and recorded with singer/performer Justin Vivian Bond – as part of bands that Thomas has led – including a New York run of the highly acclaimed show “Only and Octave Apart” with counter tenor Anthony Roth Constanzo.  In 2011 he was in the house band, let by Thomas, for Ireland’s “Other Voices” show at LPR, which is where he met acclaimed Irish fiddler Martin Hayes, with whom he has subsequently worked for many years. He has continued to record on various recording projects, produced by Bartlett.

Steven Bernstein –

– He first met trumpeter/arranger/composer Steven Bernstein in 1982, working with composer Robin Holcomb as part of her “A.K.A. Orchestra Music” – rehearsing late at night in a basement in the West Village. Later the following year, he brought Bernstein in to play with the Kamikaze Ground Crew who were accompanying the juggling troupe “The Flying Karamazov Brothers” on some of their post Broadway shows. He continued to work with Wieselman on theatre productions and tours with the FKB, as well as on several recordings and live situations in New York. When Bernstein was music director for the Lounge Lizards, he asked Doug to audition as guitarist for the band. He then played with them for the next few years. He has played in Bernstein’s band “Millennial Territory Orchestra” since 2000. As well they have worked together on several projects with visionary producer Hal Willner. Bernstein has been Wieselman’s most consistent collaborator over many years and several genres and worlds, bringing each other to their respective projects and exchanging roles as leader or player. They have both recently helped John Lurie with organizing and realizing music for his HBO show “Painting With John”.

McGarrigle/Wainwright Family –

 – His first involvement was on one of Martha Wainwright’s early recording session as a solo artist.  Some years later, he was asked by producer Hal Willner to work on a project of Edith Piaf songs featuring Martha – as arranger and music director.  This led to an album (recorded live) and a few tours of this project.  He mother, Kate McGarrigle, performed on the recording of the album.  He then collaborated with both Kate and Anna as part of a French language festival in Montreal.  After Kate passed, he was asked to participate in that year’s annual family Christmas Show which have included Anna and Jane McGarrigle, Rufus Wainwright and Loudon Wainwright III. Over the years he continued to be part of those shows, eventually contributing arrangements and being musical director for shows in New York, Nashville and Montreal. Besides the Piaf album, he has appeared on 4 other albums by Martha Wainwright.

Marc Ribot

– He has played with Ribot over the years in various contexts, most notably on recordings and performances organized by producer Hal Willner.  He has played on several of Marc’s Film Soundtracks, as well as on his album “Songs of Resistance 1942-2018. He was featured saxophone soloist in Ribot’s “Film Noir” project. In 2013 he and Marc played duo electric guitars, a kind of invocation, as people arrived into the Apollo Theater for the Lou Reed Memorial – “…their electric guitars cranked up, playing a dissonant, pealing, improvisational duet that eventually resolved into “When the Saints Go Marching In.’’” Jon Pareles, New York Times. 

CocoRosie –

– He first met the Casady sisters, Sierra and Bianca (a.k.a. CocoRosie) through Anohni (Antony and the Johnsons). In 2012 he was asked to help work developing two pieces  – Bianca’s dance piece “Night Shift” and Sierra’s song cycle “Soul Life” – at Hamburg’s Kampnagel in Germany and at Krems’ Donaufestival in Austria.  He’s been collaborating with them ever since – primarily as music arranger/director for their  theatre projects. As well, he has arranged their music for Kronos Quartet and the San Francisco Girls Chorus.  He has occasionally performed with them, and in 2015 he toured with Bianca’s “C.i.A.” project through Europe.