The President

Player – past D.W. – Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet This was keyboardist and composer Wayne Horvitz’s electric band incorporating elements of interlocking Indonesian rhythms as well as R&B, Soul, Rock and Noise. 2 cd’s on Elektra Musician as well as performing and touring in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s.

The New York Composer’s Orchestra

Player – past D.W. – Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Composition This was the ensemble created by Wanye Horvitz and Robin Holcomb as a vehicle for original composition for a jazz orchestra. Along with playing in the ensemble, Wieselman contributed “Three Pieces for Wind Orchestra”. Two pieces from this – “The Montana Section” and “Interlude” are on… Read more

Selfhaters (Trio and Orchestra)

Player – past D.W. – Eb Clarinet, Bass Harmonica This was composer/pianist Anthony Coleman’s project of a kind of broken music inspired by Samuel Beckett and old Middle/European villages.The trio was with drummer Jim Pugliese. The orchestra included Michael Attias on baritone sax and Fred Lomberg-Holme on ‘cello and occasionally Roy Nathanson on woodwinds.Two cd’s… Read more

John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards

Player – past D.W. – Electirc Guitar, Clarinet Wieselman played in the last incarnation of this seminal downtown band – from ’96 to ’99. He performed in the estimable guitar chair as well as playing clarinet. He is not on any of the band recordings, but plays on the soundtrack cd “African Swim” and “The… Read more

Antony and the Johnsons

Player – current D.W. – Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Electric Guitar Singer Antony Hegarty performs with this band of revolving members. Wieselman has toured with them for many years and continues to perform with them . He has appeared on numerous recordings as well as contributing arrangements – particularly the horn arrangement for “Fist Full of… Read more

Karen Mantler Trio

Player – current D.W. – Electirc Guitar, Bass Clarinet This is composer and singer Karen Mantler’s current band where she sings, plays piano and harmonica, along with Kato Hideki on Electric Bass. Karen Mantler is the daughter of composer/performers Carla Bley and Michael Mantler and continues their harmonic legacy with her own take on what… Read more

Villa Delirium

Player – current D.W. – Bass Clarinet This band – inspired by the name of one of Brian Gyson’s abodes, plays original and traditional macabre songs collected and composed by John Kruth on guitar, mandolin, banjo, voice – and Tine Kinderman on musical saw and voice. With Kenny Margolis – accordion, keyboards – and Steve… Read more

Smokey’s Secret Family

Player – current D.W. – Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone This is ace guitarist Smokey Hormel’s project of African electric guitar driven music as as well as Brazilian music. With Charley Burnham – violin, Clark Gayton – trombone, David Hofstra – tuba and Davi Viera and Gilmar Gomes on percussion.

Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra

Player – current D.W. – Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone This Steven Bernstein’s 9 piece band which is structured like a “territory band” from the 20’s – playing both material from those times as well as material up through the decades. It is Bernstein’s vehicle for his inspired arrangement, both spontaneous and otherwise. 3 cd’s available on??