Kamikaze Ground Crew

co-leader Doug Wieselman – clarinets, saxophones, electric guitar Gina Leishman – saxophone, bass clarinet, keyboards, vocals Steven Bernstien – trumpet, slide trumpet Peter Apfelbaum – saxophones Art Baron – trombone Marcus Rojas – tuba Kenny Wollesen – drums Kamikaze Ground Crew – originally formed to accompany the Flying Karamazov Brother for their more extended theatrical… Read more

Mr. Wau Wa

co-leader Gina Leishman – pump organ, accordion, vocals Doug Wieselman – guitars, clarinets, saxophone Rinde Eckert – pump organ, accordion, euphonium, vocals Marcus Rojas – tuba Kenny Wollesen – drums, percussion Mr. Wau Wa – dedicated to the songs of Bertolt Brecht – with music by Kurt Weil, Hanns Eisler, Paul Dessau, and David Hidalgo… Read more