Antony and the Johnsons clarinetist creates water-inspired solo album


for The Brooklyn Paper

Where most people hear the roar of an ocean or the trickling of a brook, Doug Wieselman hears a song.

The renowned Bedford-Stuyvesant clarinetist said the 10 tracks on his new solo album, “From Water,” all came from attempts to transcribe the melodies he hears underneath the typical noises made by bodies of water. It is not the easiest pool of inspiration to draw from, he admitted.

“It’s very quiet,” Wieselman said. “You really have to be in a very receptive, quiet state of mind to hear it.”

But Wieselman has pulled it off. Not a single drop of water was spilled in making the album, yet the songs evoke the same relaxing feelings as listening to the sound of waves or a running river as background noise…

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